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Our Services

Treatments are performed Monday-Saturday in our five clinic locations. We now offer limited treatment hours in our Briarcliff location on Sundays. In most cases, we can accommodate same day appointments in our five clinics. We are happy to offer some new extended appointment hours Monday-Friday. ..

Our Company

Treatments are performed Monday –Saturday in our clinics. Check individual clinics for Sunday availability. All Lice Ladies technicians are professionally trained and have a minimum of a  4-year college degree and/or equivalent medical and/or science background.  Safety of our clients is extremely important so we strive to employ staff that are not only lice experts, but know the proper medical and ..


What are head lice? Head Lice (scientific name pediculosis humanus capitis) are small parasitic insects that live on the human hair/head.  They do not live on other parts of the human body. What are Nits? Nits are eggs laid by female adult lice. They can be found at the base of the hair shaft close to the scalp. What do head ..

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